Instructions to Contributors

Highlights to be noted by the Contributors

  • Aitihya—The Heritage is a UGC CARE Listed, bi-annual, multi-lingual, peer reviewed research journal on Indology in Engish, Bengali, and Assamese with ISSN number 2229 5399, publishing original research articles related to Indian history, society, culture, philosophy, literature and on any topic within the discipline of Humanities related to the Indian heritage. The journal particularly encourages submissions that reflect critical thinking and employ interdisciplinary and comparative research methods.
  • Paper may be sent at any time of the year.
  • All submissions to the Journal must be online with a separate title page reflecting the name, email, Mobile/Tel. No. and the address of the author. The author must be careful not to indicate directly or in any other manner, his/her identity in the body of the manuscript. In case of Assamese & Bengali Manuscripts, Ramdhenu Software with Geetanjali Font may be preferably used. A hard copy of the research paper must also be sent to the editor.
  • All article entries would go through the process of blind peer review. It is imperative to note that the editor will subject every entry through a rigorous pre-review. The authors should take care to ensure that the content in the manuscript does not offend/hurt the sentiment of any community and does not use any defamatory or derogatory language.
  • The authors must note that the article submitted to the Journal for consideration for publication must not be submitted to any other journal concurrently or till the outcome of the submission (acceptance/rejection) is communicated to them by the editor. Entries must also be accompanied by a certificate from the authors certifying that the manuscript has undergone a check on plagiarism. Authors will be liable for any violation of the norms of copyright and penal action will be initiated against the offending authors. Entries must be accompanied by a declaration from all the contributors (if more than one author) that they have approved the final version of the entry and its submission to the journal along with a declaration that the entry is not barred by the terms of ‘Research Misconduct’ which would mean making up of data or results, manipulating research data, or process and appropriating and claiming of ideas, process, result or words and phrases authored or used or belonging to another person, without proper/ appropriate credit or acknowledgement.
  • The main text of the paper / manuscript shall not exceed 5000 words including an abstract of around 300 words and about 5 to 7 key words. This is in exclusion of the reference and bibliography.
  • The abstract must be written in English.
  • References :The main text shall be marked with Arabic number in a serial order as superscript wherever there arises any case of reference. References should be cited at the end of the text in the following style. Writer’s name : Title of the Book or Journal in Italics, Vol. Name of the Publisher, Year, Page No.
  • Bibliography is to be given for those information’s which are not mentioned in the references. For writing Bibliography, following example is furnished. Damodaran, K : Indian Thought /A Critical Survey, 1st Edition, 1967, Asia Publishing House, New Delhi.
  • An undertaking is to be submitted by the Contributor stating that the paper submitted by him / her is an original and unpublished work and is also not submitted to anywhere else for publication.
  • Editorial Board is not liable to give any explanation for rejection of any paper.