Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision of the Journal


The existence of every living and non-living entity in the universe is directed by a ‘mission’, a ‘vision’ which in other words can be termed as a ‘purpose’. As such the subsistence of a journal cannot be debarred from such a purpose. From the earliest times a journal in different nations and countries has been the prime reflector or mode of expressing the sentiments, need, feelings and emotions, urgent issues to do with human civilization. It carries in its shoulders a responsibility towards the society, towards the nation, towards the universe at large. Aithiya-The Heritage is conceptualized with such a purpose to come to terms with certain issues of the present times—the most important being realizing and retaining one’s identity which is in culmination with one’s heritage. Under the face of growing changes that are taking place every now and then it is important and necessary to accept the changes with an eye on retaining one’s originality, one’s tradition.

History has shown how the rich heritage of our country has attracted outsiders from far of land who tried to invade it, western scholars who have researched on the resources of our country realizing its rich heritage. It is hoped that the journal will help in realizing the rich Indian heritage thus adding to classical scholarship and research that would enhance further the development of our country in scholarly terms.