Privacy policy

Last updated on 1st January 2023

In this policy, we lay out: what data we collect and why; how your data is handled; and your rights with respect to your data. We promise we never sell your data: never have, never will.

We will consider that you have accepted our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service & Cancellation & Refund Policy if you — (1) Browse this website (2) Open an account in our digital library


When you sign up for our digital library, we ask for identifying information such as your name, email address, designation, password and billing address. That’s so you can personalize your new account, and we can send you updates and other essential information. We may also send you optional surveys from time to time to help us understand how you use our website & digital library and make improvements. With your consent, we will send you our newsletter and other updates.

We’ll never sell your personal information to third parties, and we won’t use your name or company in marketing statements without your permission either.


We do not store your credit card/debit card/upi or netbanking details. It is handled by our payment processor directly. We only store information like - payment dates, payment ids, for account history, support and invoicing.


We collect anonymous information about your browsing activity for analytics and experimenting with new interface designs. Since these information are anonymous, we maintain them even after your account is cancelled or terminated.


We neither use your data to show you personalised ads nor do we share/sell data with third-party advertisers


We also use persistent first-party cookies to make it easier for you to use our Services and to support analytics.


When you email us with a question or to ask for help, we keep that correspondence, including your email address, so that we have a history of past correspondence to reference if you reach out in the future. We also store information you may volunteer, for example, written responses to surveys.


  • To provide services you’ve requested:
    Slim DL is a third-party processor that we use for our digital library. We also use third-party processors for other business functions such as managing newsletter subscriptions and sending transactional emails.
  • To help you troubleshoot or squash a software bug, with your permission:
    If at any point we need to access your content to help you with a support case, we will ask for your consent before proceeding.
  • To investigate, prevent, or take action regarding restricted uses:
    Accessing a customer’s account when investigating potential abuse is a measure of last resort. We want to protect the privacy and safety of both our customers and the people reporting issues to us, and we do our best to balance those responsibilities throughout the process. If we discover you are using our products for a restricted purpose, we will take action as necessary, including notifying appropriate authorities where warranted.
  • When required under applicable law:
    Our policy is to not respond to government requests for user data unless we are compelled by legal process or in limited circumstances in the event of an emergency request i.e. law enforcement authorities have the necessary warrant, criminal subpoena, or court order requiring us to share data, we must comply. If we are audited by a tax authority, we may be required to share billing-related information. If that happens, we will share only the minimum needed, such as billing addresses.
  • Acquisition or merger:
    If Aitihya Samstha Foundation is acquired by or merges with another company — we don’t plan on that, but if it happens — we’ll notify you well before any of your personal information is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy


Your data rights include:

  • Right to Know
    You have the right to know what personal information is collected, used or shared. We outline both the categories and specific bits of data we collect, as well as how they are used, in this privacy policy.
  • Right of Access
    This includes your right to access the personal information we gather about you, and your right to obtain information about the sharing, storage, security and processing of that information
  • Right to Correction
    You have the right to request correction of your personal information
  • Right to Erasure / “To Be Forgotten”
    This is your right to request, subject to certain limitations under applicable law, that your personal information be erased from our possession and, by extension, from all of our service providers. Fulfillment of some data deletion requests may prevent you from using our Services. In such cases, a data deletion request may result in closing your account.


All data is encrypted via SSL/TLS when transmitted from our servers to your browser. The database backups are also encrypted. In addition, we go to great lengths to secure your data at rest.


Our website is hosted in Singapore and our digital library is hosted in India (Mumbai). Any information you provide to use the digital library will be transferred and stored in India (Mumbai).


We use third party processors & subprocessors, such as hosting, cloud computing providers and customer support software, for our website and digital library

The following is a list of personal data processors we use:

  • Slim DL: Digital library software
  • Digital Ocean: Hosting for Slim DL
  • Hostinger: Hosting for our website
  • Stripe: For payment processing
  • Postmark: For transactional emails
  • Mailchimp: For marketing emails


We may update this policy as needed to comply with relevant regulations and reflect any new practices. Whenever we make a significant change to our policies, we will refresh the date at the top of this page. It is your responsibility to periodically check this privacy policy and decide if you would like to keep using our Services.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns about this privacy policy, your data, or your rights with respect to your information? Please get in touch by emailing us at or and we’ll be happy to help!